Blog Problems

Hope you will forgive the delay in entries on this blog. We have been experiencing some difficulties with this blog. And it seems the problems continue, so I do hope you’ll bear with us as we try and sort through the problems and get it taken care of!



It’s hard to believe that yesterday marked my daughter’s 13th birthday. How time flies! It’s been a hard journey, and yet no greater journey have I ever had! I know the journey has had mistakes and missteps, but I also know that we have a strong bond.

From here on out, I hear it gets tougher, but I’m not so sure. I know that her decisions will become more difficult, and sometimes the line between right and wrong may not be so clear, but I think she’ll do okay. I just hope I do okay in letting her make more decisions on her own, and just try to be a supportive influence for her. Thankfully she knows that I’m always here for her to talk to, and come to, even if she’s made a mistake.

Busy Bees

Life is back to normal around here. Busy as usual. I love it, and wouldn’t have it any other way!!

Tonight we have dance and then soccer practice. Thankfully tonight is the only night that dance interferes with soccer for either of the girls. Games for soccer start next week, and then he will switch practices to Mondays and Thursdays. Games will be on Tuesdays, and dance on Wednesdays.

Des practices half a practice with another team twice a week, just so she can hang out with some of her friends. Last night I helped out with that team by being on the parent’s side during a scrimage. It was loads of fun, however my ankle is protesting today.

Well time for me to move on.

Big News

I went to the Dr yesterday to get the allergy testing done that he’s wanted to do for acouple of years now. They weighed me, as always, and I’m am excited to say that I’ve lost almost 4 pounds in the month that the girls and I have been walking!!!! It’s true that I started walking in hopes of losing weight, but over the course of the past month I’ve found a renewed joy in walking, loved to find my muscles toning up, the time spent with the girls on our walks, and even my solitary walks on Saturdays. It’s even better to know that I’m also losing the weight as I had hoped!!

More Walking

Our walking has gone well the past couple of weeks. We have enjoyed our walks, although sometimes it’s a struggle to get up that early. I’ve found so much more can be accomplished ever day, without feeling like I never have time to get things done. It’s great!!!

The girls have enjoyed getting school done around Noon, or perhaps we work later into the afternoon, but are able to accomplish so much more without feeling pressed.

Anyway, that’s our update on walking. I can’t say that I have lost any weight yet, not sure whether my muscles are any more toned up, but it’s still been great walking.


I’ve always enjoyed walking, and so do the girls. Well in a quest to get more exercise, lose weight, and tone up some muscles, as well as keep the girls in shape, and teach them that exercise is important, we have decided to start walking together in the mornings. We like taking walks together in the evenings, but most often our evenings will be filled with dance, soccer, and our other activities, so we discussed it last night, and decided that morning walks should work out better. So we are all going to get up early and go walking….then we’ll stop by and feed Chief, then come home and get our school and chores done.


So we go from coats and backpacks to beyerdynamic headphones. These are not the run of the mill headphones that you use for you Ipods and Mp3′s. These are the type of headphones that musicians use in the studios and such. Definitely some high class items. Don’t let the prices scare you. You get what you pay for. That’s something my Dad always says, and it holds truth.

Jansport Backpacks Sale

I don’t know anything about the brand of Jansport, but I do know that I’m always interested in sales, so the jansport backpacks sale caught my eye. There looks to be a great selection, and decent prices!!

I did some looking around at the rest of the products, and I could be doing some business with this company in the coming months. I’m particularly interested in some really warm, but not bulky coats, and gloves for the winter.

Replacement Windows Richmond VA

Anyone looking for replacement windows richmond va should check out the link above. I truthfully don’t know the going prices for windows and such, but I do love window shopping….*LOL* Get it “replacement windows, and window shopping”….That joke was truly unintended, but it works…*LOL* Anyway, I like thinking about how I would remodel a house, what I would do, the counters, flooring, and yes, even the windows.


Last night was the last night for doing chores at my sister’s farm. I’ve done it several times over the past couple of years, and while I don’t really mind doing the chores, the drive over there, and the time that it takes out of my day are very costly. Plus the girls and I are getting increasingly busy every year, so I just don’t think I’m going to be able to do it for them anymore. I just don’t have the 3 or so hours every day to do it.